Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stay with a Cheater or Leave Him? New Tip Sheet Helps You Decide

If you’re not sure whether you should leave your cheating spouse or significant other, or stay with him and give him a second chance, the new Go or Stay Tip Sheet will help you decide.

This tip sheet covers many of the important factors you should consider when trying to make a choice, including the circumstances under which the infidelity occurred, the cheater’s attitude about the affair, and more.

The 2 Biggest Fears About Taking a Cheater Back

In addition to helping you make an intelligent decision on the best course of action to take, the Go or Stay Tip Sheet also addresses two of the biggest obstacles to taking a cheater back:

1) the fear that the cheater is still carrying on his affair behind your back

2) the fear that he will cheat again

Also included are strategies on how to deal with or overcome these fears if you decide to give the cheater a second chance.

To request a FREE copy of the Go or Stay Tip Sheet, e-mail with “Go or Stay-tsb” in the subject line.

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